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October 11, 2021 — Toronto, CA

Habana Heights releases new program guaranteeing to pay customers for photos and videos used by the brand online and in retail stores.

Habana Heights aims to change the industry standard by offering to pay customers for photos or videos submitted wearing their clothing that are used on their online store, social media accounts or in retail stores.

The team at Habana Heights Clothing Co. is consistently on the hunt for new photos and videos to highlight the brand image and hopes to greatly increase its use of customer submitted content.

“We believe the apparel industry is changing and with the rise of apps such as Instagram and TikTok, customers want to engage on a deeper level with the brands they support”, says Phil, one of the founders of Habana Heights. “It’s a win-win for customers and brands to collaborate together on content to compliment the brand image. With a reach sometimes in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, brands provide an unparalleled platform for influencers-to-be to propel themselves into an international audience. Being paid for the content is just a bonus we believe is well over-due for the lucky customers who’s content is selected for publishing”.

In addition to paying customers for content used by the brand, Habana Heights plans to build a deeper connection with its customers and brand supporters by hosting exclusive brand parties and concerts starting in 2022. Admittance will be by invitation only and it can be assumed wearing Habana Heights clothing will be a must! Habana Heights aims to provide what they call an “experience of a lifetime” where customers are not only a part of supporting and launching the brand into the mainstream, but they are also an ongoing part of the face of the brand and how it evolves.

Currently, Habana Heights is in the retail pre-launch stage and is available exclusively in the official online store at but estimates suggest customers can expect to see Habana Heights in nearby retail stores as early as Spring 2022.

For anyone who aspires to help support and build one of the largest clothing brands of the 2020s and potentially receive international exposure and compensation in the process, Habana Heights is the brand to be a part of.
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